About Us

Gatherings and Classes

"Amy brings so much dedication, experience and knowledge with just the right amount of quirkiness. I truly feel blessed to have a local Dharma Ocean Sangha led by a dedicated and approachable teacher."
We most often meet at a community member's house in inner Southeast Portland, and usually on Sunday mornings every other week.  About four times a year we'll practice together for a full weekend — a "City Weekend Retreat" at our usual location, or a residential retreat nearby Portland. We also do occasional classes that run anywhere from 6-12 weeks.  Input and feedback are always welcome!

Our gatherings are offered free of charge as long as our expenses remain low, and there isn't ever a fee for private meditation instruction. As is the custom in Buddhist communities, you may offer a teacher's gift (there is a box) any time you attend a gathering. The teacher's gift is a time-honored, and voluntary, way to complete the circle of generosity between teacher and student.  

Meditation Instruction Interviews

What is a "meditation instruction interview"?  A meditation instructor meets one-on-one with you, either in person or virtually, and offers you the opportunity to ask practice or study questions. We maintain the tradition of practicing "generosity of the dharma": meditation instruction is always offered free of charge. Meetings are usually a half-hour long. 

Recently, the popularity of the online programs offered by Dharma Ocean has tremendously increased the demand for meditation instructors (M.I.'s).  For now, M.I.’s are available only by request for a single interview. A long-term relationship with an MI is available to students who have demonstrated a commitment to the Vajrayana path in this lineage and are actively engaged in fulfilling those requirements.  If you are not at that level of commitment, attending our Dharma Ocean Portland group gatherings and participating in discussion can be just as valuable!  Also, you might consider participating in other Dharma Ocean Foundation offerings, where each participant is assigned an M.I. for the duration of the program. 

Director & Program Leader

Amy RM Stahl has been an ardent student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche's dharma for nearly twenty years. She became a student of Dr. Ray in 2002 while earning a Master of Divinity at Naropa University, and is a Chaplain in the Dharma Ocean lineage. She has been a meditation instructor since 2004, and works primarily with Vajrayana students.  She has been teaching since 2011 as Director of Dharma Ocean Portland. Amy recently edited a compendium of Dr. Ray’s teachings on Vajrayogini, and is a teacher in The Sogetsu School of Ikebana