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Mission & Inclusivity

THE MISSION OF THE DHARMA OCEAN FOUNDATION is to embody, unfold, and widely offer the unique path to awakening and human fulfillment taught by Trungpa Rinpoche, Reggie Ray, and his senior students, creating a living continuity of the practicing lineage in our time. Dharma Ocean’s activities aim to express the essence of this lineage, namely:
  • The fundamental goodness of the human person — our own and others’ inborn enlightenment and inherent perfection;
  • The sacredness of all of life and experience — that everything that arises is an expression of ultimate wisdom and a potential gate to immediate awakening;
  • The everyday practice to “never turn away” — to develop an attitude of complete acceptance and openness toward all experience, finding in it the transformation, fulfillment, and ultimate realization that so many of us seek today.

Inclusivity Statement
The Dharma Ocean community acknowledges that the reality of suffering is often intensified by the biases, behaviors and societal structures that favor or harm individuals because of race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or ability. Our mission is to ensure that Dharma Ocean is a welcoming, affirming space for all who wish to walk the path of somatic awakening.
     We recognize that the work of acknowledging privilege and power, and understanding and exploring differences between us, is ongoing. Our Inclusivity Mandala Council, Board of Directors, teachers, staff and volunteers are committed to addressing systemic and interpersonal oppression through dialogue, training and action, so that all can feel seen and heard. Diversity in our sangha ought to deepen our individual journeys, and enrich us as a group, and we aspire to that goal. Our commitment to inclusivity is based in our dharma practice, and on our vow to work for the welfare of all.

Announcement to Participants: View of Right Speech
Dharma Ocean is committed to the inclusion of people of every race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and ability. We are aware that we live in a culture that intensifies the suffering of those without privilege, through the constant application of overt and subtle biases. With this in mind, and in the full spirit of the Dharma, we ask participants at our gatherings and programs to be mindful of their biases—judgments, received stereotypes, or casual assumptions—when speaking with others, respecting each person as a unique individual, who is here neither a “representative” of a group, nor to be singled out from the sangha as a whole. 
     If you have a concern or confusion regarding right speech at Dharma Ocean Portland gatherings, we encourage you to contact Amy, or, alternatively Jeremy Lowry (DOF Inclusivity Mandala Council), for information, support, or remedies to situations. 
     If you find your speech has insulted someone, the best way to repair this is with a straightforward apology absent of excuses. This view of right speech should not be confused with “political correctness.” Part of the discipline that we observe in our community is relating to others with compassion and dignity.