Using Dr. Reggie Ray's unique bodywork practices as well as the practice of pure awareness, we explore posture, breath, mind, and somatic awareness. This begins a process of discovering how we relate to our immediate experience, which is, itself, the spiritual path. Trusting that process and slowly learning to live in an undefended way, the openness we cultivate allows us to discover who we really are, and the nature of reality itself. Meditators of all levels of experience are welcome.  
      Think you may want to join us?  Our gatherings generally include some guided  "bodywork," and at least one 45-minute sitting period. Since many of our community are long-time participants, it's very helpful for new attendees to have some experience on their own with the practices before coming to a group gathering. 
    Please first take a look at this article by Dr. Ray on Somatic Meditation, then try out the guided meditation practice called "10-points" 3-6 times to get a taste of what we do. You might also dip into the Dharma Ocean podcasts.  In addition, for a thorough and inspiring look into the bodywork practices, you might pick up Dr. Ray's latest book "The Awakening Body," which includes the six most fundamental guided meditations (both in the book and streamable).  There are many other wonderful recordings and teachings on the website, so please explore.  
    If after that your appetite is even stronger, let's talk! I'll answer any questions you have about the practices you've experienced, our community, and the somatic approach. You can write me (Amy Stahl, Director) using the "contact us" page.  Looking forward to meeting you!  

The Dharma Ocean community acknowledges that the reality of suffering is often intensified by the biases, behaviors and societal structures that favor or harm individuals because of race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or ability. Our mission is to ensure that Dharma Ocean is a welcoming, affirming space for all who wish to walk the path of somatic awakening.  (Please see our full inclusivity statement here.)

Please see the events calendar for current and future offerings. 

"I always walk away from
a Dharma Ocean Portland retreat with a sense of calm and appreciation;
I simply feel healthier. "

What We Do

Our gatherings are always led by Meditation Instructors who are well-versed in the bodywork and meditation practices, and in the "view" or understanding of their context within the spiritual journey. Classes and gatherings often include a combination of guided meditation and bodywork, sitting practice (aka "the somatic practice of pure awareness," presentations on a topic of practice or study, group discussion, and Q&A.  Personal meditation instruction interviews are available on request.